Through My Eyes: The beginning of what will be an amazing adventure!

       Eight weeks ago, two friends who share the same passion for travel, while discussing how hard it is to plan a trip had an idea. Bernardo and Joana imagined “Through My Eyes” as a complementary service, offering to a niche of tourists a view of the city of Lisbon by the eyes of one person only: Joana.

      They decided to participate in Novabase Gameshifters, adapting the idea to a public service: Tourism of Portugal. Through My Eyes competes as a platform to create and share itineraries that would enable users to plan a trip easily, offering tourists and locals a different Portugal: Portugal by our eyes. The public voted for them as the “Most likely to delight’ idea.

      Two weeks after, they apply for Vodafone BigApps and are chosen as finalists in the competition. “Through My Eyes” is now competing as a crowd-sourced platform that simplifies (a lot!) the way we plan our trips.

      The work increases and the need to bring new skills to the team leads to the appearance of two new members: João and Natacha. The team is now composed with 4 multifaceted people, who contribute equally with new ideas but each one has his own special power. Joana “The Catalyst” responsible for the management, communication and network, makes things happen fast. Bernardo “The Creative” brings the ideas out-of-the-box, is responsible for strategy and marketing. João Bernardo “The Magician” turns the ideas into a technological reality. Finally, Natacha “The Storyteller” takes care of all the design and user experience, creating an intuitive and easy to use application.

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